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Dr. Frankenstein
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Got Her Home

Post by Dr. Frankenstein » Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:45 am

OK, it's official - I got back from Myrtle Beach yesterday where I picked up my 1967 Puch 250 SGS with only 1303 indicated on the odometer! I don't know if that's thirteen hundred and three miles, or 130 - point - three, as there's no decimal point on the gauge, but either way that's pretty low.

It came with a pretty ragged-out parts bike and a disassembled parts engine, the original tank badges AND title dated from 1969, an original maintenance manual in okay shape, and associated correspondence from the previous owners indicating it was in the shop in 1972 to have the rings replaced, which I don't think it ever has. So that means this bike hasn't been started in over 46 years! I intend to fix that. ;)

The motor appears to be stuck, since the kickstarter is at the 3:00 o'clock position and doesn't seem to want to cycle through, but that's really no big deal. The parts engine doesn't have the side cases on it, is pretty rusty but do-able ( I believe), and I intend to use it as a 'rehearsal' engine anyway before I open up the good one, but everything else appears to be where it should be - the PO gave me three boxes of assorted rusty parts, too, which I will have to go through and clean up to see what I have, but if anybody has some side case covers they don't want, I'm all ears! ( Cheap is Good, Free is Better!).

Both tanks appear to be in pretty good shape, although a bit ugly at this point - -

Of course, pictures speak louder than words, so I have posted a bunch from the original ad in Flickr, and will attempt to put the link in here so you can take a look, and please tell me what you think:

They both roll, but I need to at least replace the inner tubes on the black one so I can roll it around a bit better(the front one is shot), but the wheels don't appear to be in that bad of shape - some heavy surface rust, but nothing's eaten through. The tires are very dry-rotted, but if I can get some new tubes in there I should at least be able to roll it around the shop; the spokes on the black one are toast, though; they are really rust-eaten, although not broken (yay!) and will have to be replaced - oh, and it even came with what appears to be most the original tool kit, even the little grease gun!

Anyway, please take a look and tell me what you think, or if there is anything otherwise Does need a centerstand, but that should be here Tuesday...I'm psyched! :D :D

I'll post this and go back and see if I can make sure the pic link is operating, so if you can't access the pics, please give me a little more time to correct it.

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