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Another Twingle: 1954 Iso 125 GT

There aren’t many twingles out there, so I was very interested in this ISO single that came up on ebay. It’s a restored 1954 Iso. Iso is an Italian refrigerator company (hence the name) founded by Renzo Rivolta, that turned to bikes and later cars. Iso was the originator of the Isetta, which was a flop in Italy so BMW acquired the rights and the rest, is history. 

Vive la Twingle!

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Cutaway “twingle” in Spanish Museum

Found a photo of this “twingle” or split-single engine. I can’t make out the manufacturer,  Puch wasn’t the only one’s to make split singles. I know split-singles they were considered leading edge technology at one time. There is SRS on the case but I can’t read the rest.

I don’t think this is Puch or a DKW Contessa, can’t be a Garelli or TWN as the pistons aren’t side by side?  If anyone knows – drop a line.

Those are crazy tall pistons!

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