Restoring a barn-fresh 1966 Sears Allstate

CVMG Paris Rally: 2015

Another Paris Rally, great weather – here’s a few pics of what caught my eye this year.



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CVMG National Rally: Paris 2010

It isn’t Mid-Ohio, but it does have some fine bikes and if you look closely there might be a part or two on the tables worth haggling for. I’ve been attending the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group annual Rally in Paris, ON for over a decade and have seen many of the bikes previously, so the photo gallery below is what tickled my fancy.  Notable this year were a few Sears Allstate bikes, a nicely restored Gilera, and a few other PUCH motorcyles in lesser states of restoration. There were the usual Triumphs, Nortons, BSA etc, new this year were the Indians and the really old flat tank Harleys. I did run into a guy on the road leading to the Paris Farigrounds, he had a Velorex 560 attached to a Triumph (or was it a BSA), I asked him what he thought and he said it was a friends and it’s scary! Hmm, not sure which part is scary. I particularly enjoyed the Nimbus with a Steib sidecar, there is something about a Nimbus…

2010 marked the 100th anniversary of Rudge, there were some fine Rudge motorcycles on display, this video was taken at the end of the Concours judging on Sunday.  I usually time my Sunday visit for the end of the judging so I can hear the bikes start up and drive off.

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CVMG Milton Swap Meet: Oct.4, 2009

Went to the CVMG Milton Swap Meet to see if I could find some parts, looking for a headlight rim and any chrome. It was a grey damp day – so we took the car – besides you can’t drag parts home on a Norton.

I did find this seat pan! Didn’t expect to find many PUCH parts amid the Harley and Japanese stuff,  and I was right – except for the guy that had almost nothing but PUCH!


Here is the new profile – gone is the bench seat, long live the solo seat!


Race prepped BSA.
Califfo DeLuxe – great graphics.


Paul passed on this tasty vintage Suzuki fairing.

CVMG_Milton_2009_3A bit muddy…


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