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Parts in the mail, hole in the fender.

I received som parts form Bill in the US. I was especially looking for the left sidecover. It looks good.

I picked up a sealed 6v 12aH battery and thought I’d see what happens. To my surprise and delight it sparks and the lights work! I posted a video in the forum. http://puch.nortonfastback.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4


While cleaning the gunk/goo off the rear brake arm, I noticed that there was something behind the licence plate. Now we’ve stared at this bike for untold hours – poked it and noodled with it (not actually doing any real work on it) and never noticed.

puch_platesI took off the top bolt and could see there was a plate below.

PUCH_250_1969 A nice Michigan plate. Much better looking and in better condition than the yellow 1970 plate.

PUCH_250_1969_fenderNow I have a hole in the fender. I think this a a result of the aluminum plate rubbing on the steel. At least it is in a hidden location so I don’t have to kill myself fixing the hole.

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CVMG Milton Swap Meet: Oct.4, 2009

Went to the CVMG Milton Swap Meet to see if I could find some parts, looking for a headlight rim and any chrome. It was a grey damp day – so we took the car – besides you can’t drag parts home on a Norton.

I did find this seat pan! Didn’t expect to find many PUCH parts amid the Harley and Japanese stuff,  and I was right – except for the guy that had almost nothing but PUCH!


Here is the new profile – gone is the bench seat, long live the solo seat!


Race prepped BSA.
Califfo DeLuxe – great graphics.


Paul passed on this tasty vintage Suzuki fairing.

CVMG_Milton_2009_3A bit muddy…


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