Restoring a barn-fresh 1966 Sears Allstate

Choke on this

In response to Ed’s implied question, and I paraphrase here, “What the hell have I been doing?”
I could drag out the usual answer of too many irons in too many fires, but this time I’m being vaguely logical about my target of being up and running for mid June. I asked myself “what need be done to ride?” The obvious answer of a choke sprang to mind. I did start and run the bike, but last time I tried it wanted to be choked… so off to the local Goodwill and $2.02 later I have a dog biscuit tin, soon to be a choke.
Here’s my progress so far….


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Carb Inspection

Want to get bike running – pulled carb apart to see what condition it is in. My plan is to replace cables, fluids and drop in a battery to see what happens.

Gave the Bing 32 a thorough cleaning and tear down. Looks like the mileage is accurate as there is very little wear. The slide and needle are in excellent shape.  Check out the brass float – or “swimmer” as it is called in German.


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