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CVMG National Rally: Paris 2010

It isn’t Mid-Ohio, but it does have some fine bikes and if you look closely there might be a part or two on the tables worth haggling for. I’ve been attending the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group annual Rally in Paris, ON for over a decade and have seen many of the bikes previously, so the photo gallery below is what tickled my fancy.  Notable this year were a few Sears Allstate bikes, a nicely restored Gilera, and a few other PUCH motorcyles in lesser states of restoration. There were the usual Triumphs, Nortons, BSA etc, new this year were the Indians and the really old flat tank Harleys. I did run into a guy on the road leading to the Paris Farigrounds, he had a Velorex 560 attached to a Triumph (or was it a BSA), I asked him what he thought and he said it was a friends and it’s scary! Hmm, not sure which part is scary. I particularly enjoyed the Nimbus with a Steib sidecar, there is something about a Nimbus…

2010 marked the 100th anniversary of Rudge, there were some fine Rudge motorcycles on display, this video was taken at the end of the Concours judging on Sunday.  I usually time my Sunday visit for the end of the judging so I can hear the bikes start up and drive off.

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PUCH ISDT Scrambler

Troyce of the Sears Allstate Motorcycle Owners Club posted these photos of his PUCH scrambler. As Troyce puts it, (and I am inclined to agree) “…no doubt sold to someone with more money than sense from a Sears Auto Center or catalog (they cost much more than the standard, pressed frame bikes).”
I like what I see, high exhausts, low seat, it looks the business- especially those straps holding on the tank!

photos by Troyce Walls

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Puch 250 – original Sears price

I stumbled upon a listing on Ebay for a mint unrestored Puch/Allstate 250SGS.  Seeing as ’65 was a bit before my time,  I was interested to know the original Sears price was USD$ 344.00, that is about $2,400 in today’s dollars. The reserve is $2000, so it is actually selling for less than new… hmm. Pretty good value.
It’s nice to see an original condition bike not rusted to bits as most of these are.

Vehicle Description

Up for auction : A 1965 Puch/Sears 250 motorcycle . Pioneering 2 cycle “twinge” engine design with well documented history. Original owner purchased Sept. 1965 from Sears and Roebuck of Louisville KY for $344. The bike was transferred to a relative in Florida in 2003. I purchased the bike from that relative in 2004. I have the original bill of sale and registrations which are part of the package.  Bike currently has clear Ohio title. 4,143 miles.

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Parts in the mail, hole in the fender.

I received som parts form Bill in the US. I was especially looking for the left sidecover. It looks good.

I picked up a sealed 6v 12aH battery and thought I’d see what happens. To my surprise and delight it sparks and the lights work! I posted a video in the forum. http://puch.nortonfastback.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4


While cleaning the gunk/goo off the rear brake arm, I noticed that there was something behind the licence plate. Now we’ve stared at this bike for untold hours – poked it and noodled with it (not actually doing any real work on it) and never noticed.

puch_platesI took off the top bolt and could see there was a plate below.

PUCH_250_1969 A nice Michigan plate. Much better looking and in better condition than the yellow 1970 plate.

PUCH_250_1969_fenderNow I have a hole in the fender. I think this a a result of the aluminum plate rubbing on the steel. At least it is in a hidden location so I don’t have to kill myself fixing the hole.

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