Restoring a barn-fresh 1966 Sears Allstate

PUCH ISDT Scrambler

Troyce of the Sears Allstate Motorcycle Owners Club posted these photos of his PUCH scrambler. As Troyce puts it, (and I am inclined to agree) “…no doubt sold to someone with more money than sense from a Sears Auto Center or catalog (they cost much more than the standard, pressed frame bikes).”
I like what I see, high exhausts, low seat, it looks the business- especially those straps holding on the tank!

photos by Troyce Walls

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12 Responses to “PUCH ISDT Scrambler”

  1. daniel rivera says:

    hola amigos estoy buscando anillos para una puch sgs pero en mexico no los encuentro algien me puede informar como ago para conseguirlos

    Google translation…

    hello friends I’m looking for a puch sgs rings but can not find algien mexico can inform me as to get them ago

  2. Ian in Australia says:

    thank you all for sharing your pictures. They bring back fond memories of my boyhood.

  3. Michael says:

    Floyd Orr told me to get in touch with Troyce about my Allstate compact I just purchased. I need help with year verification and locating parts to restore my bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am in the Fort Lauderdale area, as I noticed from other reading, Troyce is in Florida as well. My email is myhotdelta88@aol.com

  4. Robert Fields says:

    I had one back in 1964. It didn’t cost anymore than the street version. It was a great hill climber.

  5. wolfgang says:

    oh, i´m looking for such a bike, do you know one who sells one??
    If yes please send me a email!!
    thank you wolfgang

  6. Ronny Long says:

    the first model 81094200 had 2 carbs and was 699 in 1958 I still have mine restored

  7. pitarch daniel says:

    bonjour je cherche un cadre de 175 ou 250 isdt ou une moto complette cordialement Daniel

  8. pitarch daniel says:

    je recherche une moto 175 ou 250 isdt
    cordialement Daniel

  9. charles harris says:

    i am looking for one to restore

  10. Fastback says:

    Keep your eyes peeled! I think because of the low value looking on Craigs List and Kijiji etc is a good place to look. Also ask around in Puch circles.
    Good luck!

  11. Stephen says:

    1964 puch isdt scrambler for sale bike in uk

  12. charles harris says:

    i am still looking for one to restore

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