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Gap Norton Boxers

Noton, BSA, Triumph- Boxer underwear

Noton, BSA, Triumph- Boxer underwear

My very understanding wife (understanding of my motorcycle hobby) brought home some underwear for me yesterday, an event not usually worthy of blogging. One pair  has motorcycles on them. I casually glanced at them as usually the print is some generic cruiser, classic or Universal Japanese type silhouette found on traffic signs.  Ahh, but my wife is a smart lady – these made me take a second look – at first they seemed like  British bikes, then a closer look – hold the phone – that looks like a Norton Fastback – a FASTBACK – yes it actually is a Norton Fastback. Check out the distinctive primary case shape, the tailpiece, and the side-panel/oil-tank, and  judging by the exhaust it’s a ’68-69. (It’s the top one for those that don’t know….)

I am pleased as punch – I can actually compete with the Harley drones that are decked out head to toe in official HD garb.

My apologies to those who thought this was about BMW spark-plugs.

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Horex & the Babe

Lately, I haven’t spent much time in the garage. My Puch projects are languishing untouched in the garage. I believe I have a really good excuse….

She seems most fascinated looking at the poster above her change table. Hopefully a love of motorcycles will rub off!

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The perfect Puch Helmet

I’m always on the lookout for period looking accessories, nothing looks goofier than a classic bike with a full set of technicolour-carbon fiber race leathers with an airbrushed fullface helmet.

I stumbled upon this cheapo retro helmet and think it is perfect for the 1966 Puch 250SGS.

Available from: Scooter West

I picked up my ’70s  style helmet last summer in Germany, goes great wtih the Nortons, MZ and the Puch M125.

Available from: Louis.de

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