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Snow can’t stop a Puch


Photographer John Chillingworth took these photos at the 1953 Motorcycle Skiing championships, held at Ehrwald in Tyrol, Austria. The skiers held on to ropes attached to the backs of motorcycles  — some even with sidecars — which had spiked wheels to grip the snow.

German skier Karl Baier won the championship that year. In four years of racing, his driver had never been hurt.

The pictures were first featured in the UK’s Picture Post magazine, which featured more than 400 of Chillingworth’s photo essays.

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Paris CVMG Rally – 2014

This year we decided to bring a plethora of bikes in a cubevan. We thought we were being smart and prepared but of course wrangling children, bikes and getting out of town on a Friday afternoon was a bit challenging.

We managed to stuff into a cube van the following:

  • 3 x Norton Commando
  • 1 x Honda Ascot
  • 1 x Puch with sidecar

As other years it was a scramble to Paris and we arrived at the registration desk with 5 min to spare (7:55pm).

Here are a few photos to give a taste of the weekend.

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1974 850 Norton Commando

This beauty is for sale, 1974, 850 Commando.

  • New rubber, Avon Roadmaster TT100
  • New Boyer digital ignition – first kick start
  • Dual Amal carbs in good condition – steady low tick-over
  • lots of chrome
  • stainless fenders
  • recent paint
  • matching numbers
  • Steel tank
  • new battery

Will be at CVMG rally in Paris for sale!

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CVMG Paris 2013

My annual pilgrimage to Paris (Ontario that is…) for the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group’s annual rally.

Our camp was busted buy the keystone cops for having a “fire” when Paul tossed the wiener wrapper into the bbq… it flared for all of 35 seconds disappearing into ash on the coals, this happened just as the 1920’s cop car drove by, prompting screeching tires, headlight interrogation a hilariously absurd grilling (pun intended) regarding fire, or the absence of fire, wieners and what is or is not a fire…. not our first run in with the overly enthusiastic volunteer keepers of the peace.

Note the mileage on the Puch, before and after.

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SIP in Southern Germany

A couple of years ago I was on my honeymoon, we stayed in Southern Germany visiting family. I knew I was just minutes away from Germany’s (and worlds) largest suppliers of Vespa parts – SIP. Scooter Innovation Parts (SIP) have an impressive array of parts for classic scoots such as Vespa and Lambretta as well as modern buzz boxes like Aprilla, Benelli Kymco etc. SIP develop a lot of custom performance parts as well as bolt on goodies.

They started in 1989 and have grown to 50 employees shipping over 400 packages a day! Wow! I am jealous of their success. I spent the summer of ’89 working close by in Bavaria,  buzzing around on an ancient small frame loaned to me by my cousins, so I have a soft spot for Germans on Vespas.

Here are a few pictures of SIP facility on Graf Zeppelin Str. in Landsberg, gotta love the street name. They have a small showroom with a selection of great classic scooters.

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